Tuesday, August 12

Arkov, a Builder Profile

Micah, AKA Arkov is an awesome builder. Like most of us, Micah has had periods of hardly building at all and other times when he builds all the time. I'm glad to see that he seems to be in the latter of those stages now. It's a real pleasure to see his work come up in my stream.

He comes from a Bionicle building background, and his freestyle perspective gives a cool look to his system builds. He really has a good view of parts, he mixes system and technic with no prejudices.

Micah is a founding member of Team Jigsaw, my group of friends who compete in the MocAthalon every year. He's disturbingly good at fast building, and his concepts are awesome. Throw in a great attitude and you have one scary MocAthalon player.

Note the billboard in the photo above. Micah doesn't mind going the extra mile to make something look better.

He's now a highly experienced builder, and he builds with a good mix of fun and dedication. I hope this building streak continues, and I look forward to his next offering. Take a look through Micah's stream if you want to see more.

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