Thursday, August 7

Environments Are Always a Plus

Peteris Sprogis' latest vehicle presents a good opportunity to talk about backgrounds and what they bring to a build. To me, it's about believability. Compare the two images below (courtesy of my friend Simon) and you'll see what I mean.
Take it a step further and imagine Benny's ship without the gray moon terrain under it. It kills the illusion of reality, and the focus turns to the size and intricacy of the build. One way is like "Look I built Benny's Spaceship!" and the second way is like "Look it's Benny's Spaceship! Swooosh!" Peteris Sprogis actually photographed his model specifically for the Day N' Nite Challenge in the Head Turnerz group on Flickr. I think it's a great idea for a challenge, you should check it out.

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