Sunday, August 31

How to Add a Rare Color to Your Palette

Color is very important for making striking builds. Sometimes frustratingly so, considering how poor and random part selection can be within a color. But, the important thing when trying to work in a new color is to acquire a decent number of parts in that color. If the parts are tough you can still make a good MOC in your color of choice, and that limitation can help you make something unique. So here's how to acquire that minimum number of parts to break into a new color. Let's go.
Say what you will about the archaic Bricklink interface, but it certainly has some cool hidden features. To start, go to Bricklink.Com, then click on the Search tab and select Find Stores. Now, click on the --- All Colors --- dropdown menu and select your color of choice. If you're planning a smaller order and are looking for a color that isn't overly rare, you may want to limit seller location to your country of residence. Except for you, lonely Bricklink user in Fiji.
After hitting Show Stores you are welcomed with this glorious list. In the case of my example color, Bright Light Orange (AKA Keetorange) it's not too rare so I would probably forgo the foreign stores. The two top American stores are pretty much tied, so I'd most likely order from Pooh's Corner since I've dealt with them before.

If you can't figure out the specific color you're looking for, or just want to find something really rare, take a look at Bricklink's color list. Personally I recommend Dark Azure, Magenta and Bright Light Orange.

This was just a quick tip which someone shared with me a couple years ago and I've found useful. Let me know if there are any other advanced Bricklinking type tutorials you guys would like to see!


  1. I did not know about this, thanks! Very useful.

    1. Glad to hear that this was useful. If you don't know about it, probably almost no one else does. XD