Monday, August 18


Mihai Marius Mihu is known for his demonic 'bust's, never ceasing to create some of the creepiest builds in existence in some of the most beautiful ways possible, and his latest build is no exception. This Emperor Nero bust, or as titled by Mihai, "Civitatem et Flammes" is full of amazing details. He's used 'snot'ed plates, slopes and arches to create the fantastic shaping, especially around the eyes. The depth of the build really brings it to life. The clever monochromatic color scheme enhances the build by adding to the chilling look of the tyrant Nero; and not only looks burnt but brings out the crown and flames at the top. And then those microscale buildings are just gorgeous, the cherry on top, only in this case it's a depiction of rome burning to the ground...

be sure to check out this, and Mihai's other works, on his flickr!

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