Wednesday, August 27

To WIP or not to WIP...

Following up the post about Moko's recent Gundam sculpture, and how interesting it is to see the building process, today I'm going to use Julien Andries as an example.

After a two year long hiatus, Julien posted the floor plan of a church that he planned on building.

Church Scale 1:42

Not only has he been making good progress, but he's been posting WIP shots of pretty much every stage of the build.
The latest one can be seen below.


There's many schools of thought on posting WIP shots of a build. Some people hate the idea, preferring to see the completed product in one fell swoop, while some people love seeing a build progress in leaps and bounds over the span of months/years.

What are your thoughts on WIP shots? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I like WIPs as it shows the thought process and progress of the builder... plus it allows for a lot of builders to follow along and possibly pick up a few techniques along the way when you seen the inner guts of a mega build. Though I do admit it does a lose a bit of the impressiveness of an unveiling if you've seen WIPs along the way...

    1. Yeah it can take away from the shock value. I know some people dodge this by restricting access to their WIP pics, which is a pretty good startegy. Then after the MOC is finished and up they can make the WIP pics public.

      Maybe a better way of doing it would be to have a second stream just for behind the scenes stuff. That way your main stream is still pretty and portfolio-esque, but your WIP pics are available to those who are interested.

      Thanks for commenting bro!

    2. I think we actually both forgot the biggest benefit of WIP shots!
      Early feedback from people!

      For all my major builds, both layouts and contest builds, I almost always get a second set of eyes to help me out. It's less about documenting the build, but more about having people be able to provide feedback and help push that build to the next level....

      Everyone needs their trusty advisers. <3

  2. I like posting teasers and WIP shots for larger builds because it gets people excited about seeing the final product. I usually post WIPs until I get about 50-75% of the way through the build, and then don't post anything until it's finished. That way you don't lose the "Whoa!" effect when you do post it.

  3. I myself (being the builder in this case) hate sharing WIP pictures. I usually give a sneak peak which shows no more then 10% of the whole thing 3 days before I upload it as done. But in this case as the description said I had been laying low for about 2 years and quite frankly, I won't be finishing this thing anytime soon. Not showing any wip pictures of a build this size would basically lead to people thinking I'm dead.
    And it's just nice to get some constructive comments, especially when working on something this big, it gives a certain boost to continue working on it :)