Tuesday, September 16

A Well Aged Creation.

Some MOCs stand the test of time well, and some don't.

Jack McKeen's Sazabi gundam sat in storage for seven years, and after rescuing it from the darkness, it was a bit of a mess.

Fast forward several months, and many, many headaches later (I assume), the beast once again stands under it's own weight.


I like this model for a plethora of reasons, the main ones being the fact that it's a three foot tall, bright red robot, and the fact that the external plating and body is mostly unchanged from the original model.

With the pieces we have today, and the amount of mecha builds already online, there's a lot of inspiration and skill to pull from for our builds.
The bar has been set pretty high for mecha by the likes of Izzo, and Brian Kescenovitz, but this monstrosity stands the test of time.

Regardless of old techniques and pieces, some MOCs just have a flair that you just can't deny.