Monday, September 1

Aaaand they're off!

SHIPtember is upon us!

A monthlong build challenge that spans the month of September. The goal? Build a SHIP (Super Huge Investment in Parts), of 100 or more studs.

The WIP shots are coming in fast and hard, and we've got some doozies already.

Uspez gets fancy with some gear stabilizer action. No sure what those 1x1 round tiles are for, but I'm jealous nonetheless.

SHIPtember WIP!!  Long nights are coming

Karen dives into a SHIP that looks positively aquatic, making good use of an otherwise useless part.

WIP it real good!

And to wrap it up, Armoredgear7 does mind-blowing things with technic rods and hinge plates.

SHIPtember Day 1 (5 Hours)

Keep your eyes peeled for more SHIP-WIPs in the The SHIPs, WIPs and Discussions group!

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