Monday, September 8

Believably Sci-Fi.

Within the online Lego community, there's a contingent of builders that like to build accurate military creations from source material, and then there's the non-source builders, who manage to make fictional military seem just as real as the source builds.

David Steeves' latest mech falls into the latter category. Sci-fi by name and aesthetic, but I find it totally believable that we could see something ike this cruising around our battlefields in the very near future.


From a building perspective, the MOC is fairly standard as far as Sci-fi military goes, Dark Bley color-scheme, with bits of black for detailing, and of course a caution stripe to make things seem believable.
What caught my eye on this build was the large Technic motorbike tyre inside of a prefab tank tread, which appears to be powered by an even smaller tyre inside the main assembly.
With a brisling array of black guns to add a bit of visual interest, and break up the monotonous Bley, this MOC is a surefire winner!

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