Wednesday, September 3

...Is That a MOC?

Sometimes, I honestly doubt that Lego designers know what they're doing. I mean, seriously? We've all had that moment. But then, a set like this one emerges...
...And my faith is restored. But let's be a little more analytical than the reflex fanboy reaction.The colors are beautiful; the combination of dark green, sand green and light gray gives it the awesome weathered appearance of the original. The contrasting warmth of the dark red makes it very visually appealing, while keeping a feeling of realism and practicality. The texture of the studdy sides is a great reminder that studs are nothing to be ashamed of.

The extraordinary faithfulness to the source material really sets this apart. The designer went the extra mile to achieve the complex curves, and it definitely paid off. The new cockpit is perfect for this model, but its' size and somewhat blobby shape may make it difficult to use elsewhere. I kind of prefer the somewhat angular aesthetic of the old cockpit, at least for MOCs. I have my doubts about the stickers in the set, they do lend a higher level of accuracy, but they sacrifice some of the Lego feel of the model. I guess a sticker rant would be its own post for another day. Also, I can't figure out how the fins swivel, considering they're connected by two technic axles; perhaps someone can help me out in the comments.

Until then, enjoy this amazing preview of a very high quality set by an extremely talented designer.

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  1. I agree John, the combination of sand green and dark green definitely pays off..! I also have to admit that this is one of the first Star Wars sets I'm going to buy in more than 3 years :)