Thursday, September 25

MOC Photography: Lighting and Editing

There are several helpful MOC photography tutorials on the web, but they are widely scattered and can be hard to find. Additionally, they each cover slightly different subject material and use different techniques. This post is an attempt to consolidate and organize them all into a single post.

1. Lighting

First up is Larry Lars' 3-part lighting tutorial, which cleverly uses a small vignette to show his lighting setup.
Next, we have Legohaulic's lighting guide, which is part of his 5-part lighting and editing tutorial series (continued below).
Now we will look at editing.

2. Editing

In addition to covering lighting, Legohaulic's tutorial series spends a good deal of time on editing. It covers everything from adjustment layers to background removal to fancy effects.

The most legendary spacer of them all, nnenn, posted a two very helpful editing tutorials. The first one teaches you how to remove the original background...

...and the second one explains how to add a new background and effects such as an engine exhaust and pew-pews.

There are three more editing tutorials that I was able to find:
I hope this post has helped you learn something new! Let me know in the comments below if you know of any helpful tutorials I missed.


  1. Alright Jacob, I guess I have some homework now!

    Another great resource is Powerpig's behind-the-scenes pictures.

    1. Wow that is some cool stuff, never knew he had a behind-the scenes stream.