Wednesday, September 3

Now That's Podracing

Jonas is pulling no punches in the FBTB Steam Wars contest. I'd like to point out the technique of layering 1x4 panels to make a shingled roof, and the use of cut flex tube for free-standing lettering. I also love the simple use of white brick for the billowing smoke, it gives it kind of a Lego Movie look. Possibly my favorite element here is the mechanical version of the Dewback, I wish the builder had included a detail picture of it.

I'm really impressed by the thoroughness of this build. He really built three separate good models, and they combine into a more believable and striking scene than any of them would have been by itself. Ironically, my main criticism of this build is its presentation. With such a large MOC there's no reason to show the edges of the baseplate and break the illusion of reality. The white background and high angle view compound the problem. A low angle camera view, concealment of the edges, and a darker/more realistic background would have transformed this from a great build into a memorable world.

For more mind-bending Steam Wars awesomeness, head over to FBTB.

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