Friday, September 5

The Wrath of the Aztecs

Messymaru has been building mecha for awhile, and he's gotten pretty good at it. I really like his focus on the major shapes in this build. The contrast between the bulky hips and slim torso, the massive hammer and of course the awesome array of concentric circles on the back. These kinds of things really help a MOC stand out, especially in thumbnails and when viewed from a distance.

On the negative side, I think the colors are a little off. The sprinkling of red/trans-red doesn't add much to the build. I'd rather have seen a new color used for the large gray armor plates, which would improve the layering. I suspect Messymaru has a limited collection, and is consciously sacrificing color for shape. The builder's use of gold is on point though, he reserved the color exclusively for the outermost layer.

An iconic build by a talented builder. Aztec mecha is a pretty cool idea (he credits J Sam as inspiration) and I hope to see more.

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  1. hi and thanks for the feature :)

    Messymaru here. Really appreciate the feedback especially regarding the colors. Actually, I always tend to design my mechs in 3+ colors, picking a main, sub color, and detail color (excluding the frame in mostly black) so the red here and usage is really intentional :) maybe its just a preference on my part. I could actually easily replace all the red portions with black / grey pieces but I feel that this would make the mech too boring and parts would look chunky without the red detail color to break the visual monotony :D

    Thank you again for the feature :D