Tuesday, September 9

Tutorial Tuesdays; Minidoll Frame.

Some of you followers of this blog may be familiar with my Minidoll concept that I've been developing over the past few years.

With the official launch of Lego Ideas, and the submission of said Minidoll frame, I figured it was time for the masses to finally get to see what techniques these things are made of.

With that, I'll be diving into a very image heavy post, so brace yourselves!

Step 1.

MD 1
Step 2.

MD 2

Step 3.

MD 3
Step 4.
MD 4 

Step 5.

MD 5
Step 6.

MD 6

Step 7.
MD 7
Step 8.

MD 8
Step 9.

MD 9
Step 10.

MD 10
Step 11.

MD 11
Step 12.

MD 12
Step 13.

MD 13
Step 14.

MD 14
Step 15.

MD 15
Step 16.

MD 16
Step 17. 

MD 17

Step 18.

MD 18
Step 19.

MD 19

Step 20.

MD 20

Aaaaand that's a wrap!
It's simple, it's sturdy, and it's totally interchangeable!

Hopefully my simple instructions are clear enough that you were able to follow along, and didn't lose yourself on what parts go where!

Next week, we'll be covering the frame with the outer shell, or the "Clothes".

Stay tuned for that!

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