Sunday, October 12

Digital Architecture

Some say digital building is "cheating" since you have access to an unlimited number of bricks in any color you want. But it's hard to argue with some of the amazing results that digital-only builders are able to produce.

Take Yo-Sub Joo for example. His latest creation, the Ocean Platform Prison, is an amazing testament to what can be accomplished when a builder's imagination is allowed to run free, unbound by a limited parts selection or color palette.

This detail shot really shows the sheer size and level of detail of this creation.

Like many a good MOC, this absolutely gorgeous piece of conceptual architecture is based on a piece of concept art. Apparently the art was produced for an architecture competition where it got a honourable mention.

Looking back through his photostream, you will find that this guy is no stranger to building amazing digital LEGO architecture. Here is small sampling of his work:

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