Saturday, October 4

Enter Alice Nautia

Pate Keetongu has built another stunning semi-realistic figure. I really love the way this genre has developed, and I hope to build more similar things myself. We used to call them Bionidolls, but that is beginning too look like a bit of a misnomer, considering the actual parts used. A huge part of this kind of thing is the costume design, as I learned when I built Virgo. It's really a strange perspective, to have to move past the anatomy and focus on the externals, and things like reference material and concept sketches are very useful. I'm really impressed at how successfully Pate pulls it off.

These two builds by Retinence and Brickthing are two of the most notable examples of the style. Arkov is also an old hand at semi-realistic figures, and may (along with Retinence?) have established the style.

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