Wednesday, October 22

Ma.K SAFS Suit Breakdown: Tutorial Tuesday

Pictures courtesy of Simon Liu! He partly stole the design from Tromas who partly stole it from Tim. Similar to the Lego Tardis, the SAFS has been passed around a lot and the design has evolved a lot.

Let's start from the broken down version and go from there.

The tubing for the arms is cut, but there's a silver version of the tube which would work for a totally purist solution. I'm pretty sure that some colors of this part are really rigid and others are not (like silver), so buy with caution.

Note the use of the lever technique for the arms. You take the lever and shove it all the way through the bottom of the first level base, so that the round top of the lever locks the base on. Then you put the lever through the tube and snap on the second lever base in the normal fashion.

See how similar looking the two parts on the sides of the torso are? That kind of part usage is how you make really consistent looking models.

Note the awesome use of the rubberband for a wire. Pretty much totally from Lego Junkie's drones.

Tada! Not tricky at all if you have the parts, and if you don't I'm sure you have parts that will work nearly as well. Throw in some stickering magic and you'll have a really cool Ma.K model for your desk! These would also make great gifts, since they are small and sturdy. Thanks again to Simon for his help putting this together.

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