Thursday, October 2

We Can Always Use More Good Star Wars.

Most of the time I'm not really all that impressed with small micro-scale models, because they lack the detail that we see in large Micro-scale builds.
Not the case with John Stephens' Incom T-47 Airspeeder from The Empire Strikes Back.
The amount of simple but effective detail that's crammed into this little craft is wonderful.
In addition to the lovely little details like the Exo-force claw as the speeder's grapple gun, and the 2x2 stacked dishes as the far distant shield generator, the black ring around the vignette really adds a kick to the MOC that it couldn't have achieved without.
Incom T-47 Airspeeder

I'm also a sucker for good presentation, and John manages to pull off some of the best presentation I've seen in a while.

I myself would be wary in using a background as bright as the one he chose, but with the MOC being relatively colorless besides the splashes of orange, the blue really brings the MOC to the front of the picture, and immediately makes you focus on what's important in the picture.

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