Monday, October 6

There Are Theme Months... And Then There Are THEME Months.

SHIPtember is in the near past, nothing but memories and boxes of unsorted parts remain of that stressful thirty day period.

This month is slightly lower key, but it's (if possible), even more cool.
It's been three years since Ma.Ktoberfest started on Flickr, and each year it just gets better and better.

Short description: Ma.Ktoberfest revolved around build MOCs based on the Maschinen Krieger universe. The aesthetic for builds from that universe is truly unique, a mix of bulbous alien shapes, and dieselpunk stylings thrown in with some crazy cool designs and inspirational content.

A favorite of mine during Ma.Ktoberfet is LEGOLIZE IT MAN.
Included below are a few MOCs of his from this month, even though October has only been with us for six days.


rika 2
spanarna 02

I have the feeling that it's gonna be an awesome months for Ma.K....

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