Saturday, November 8

Beautiful Decay.

It takes a certain level of skill to build a MOC that truly portrays the ramshackle atmosphere that small backwood towns seem to have in this day and age.

Built by LegoJalex for the Swebricks Lego Competition, Ragge Runarson's Business is the epitome of excellent decayed building.
As a MOCcer of Apocalego, and run down buildings myself, I can really appreciate the level of detail that the builder has put into this build.
Ragge Runarson's business

My favorite touches have to be the wackily bent antenna on the roof of the cottage, as well as the chipped and weatherworn sidewalk that runs through the whole MOC.
Ragge Runarson's business
Don't forget to check out larger pictures on his photostream for even more awesome little details!

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