Tuesday, November 18

Cerberus Atlas

Corvin Stichert has constructed a really sweet new mech. What about it is remarkable? I'm not quite sure why I am drawn to it. I think that as a builder it's awesome, but maybe your average person on the street wouldn't be very interested in it. As builders, we see the effort behind the model and we look at builds differently from all other humans. We appreciate things like innovation, complexity and cleanliness. Corvin's mech scores well on all three of these. But people outside the Legosphere have different, more basic interests. I believe they appreciate things that are striking, consistent and have stories. Depending on the goal of your model you need to consider which of these aspects you want to emphasize.

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  1. Yeah, I've noticed at conventions and stuff that the public are drawn to models that are large or impressive, rather than small and detailed. At Brickfair VA this year, I spent a lot of time in the Bionicle section during public hours, and noticed that most visitors were only interested in the large, less detailed MOCs, rather than the smaller, more complex ones.