Friday, November 21

It's all About the BURPs.

We're all very familiar with those big, ugly, and fairly useless chunks of plastic that Lego was so fond of adding into sets as filler for a good portion of time back in the 90s.

You very rarely see them used in MOCs these days (or ever really), even though everybody has at least a couple floating around in their collection.

This build by konslon is an interesting case for the usage of BURPs.
Most builders who Do use BURPs tend to hide them away deep inside their MOC, purely as filler, or structural support. This MOC totally ignores the unspoken condition to never leave a BURP exposed, and I'd say it makes the build better for it.

While I'm not entirely sure what this is a MOC of (I'm hazarding a guess that it's some kind of castle), the gorgeously smooth top portion on the MOC is really set off by the simple, almost childlike usage of the BURPs, and basic brick stacking that's going on in the lower portion of the MOC.


I'm very much brought back to a time in the online community where builds were simpler, and there wasn't such a high standard for castle builds to be these ridiculously studless monstrosities. 

I absolutely love it.

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