Monday, November 10

Ma.K Like a Boss Contest Winners!

First place goes to Caleb L! It took me a second to see what it was, and then I realized it was awesome. The batman SAFS really completes it.

Second place goes to Angus MacLane! This MOC is really a great idea. It is well built and very nicely presented. Also, I love it.

Third place goes to Kosmas Santosa! With accompanying video!

I ended up judging primarily on the theme and secondarily on concept and execution. Ma.K is something of a difficult style to define and I only made things more complicated with an odd theme. I'd like to mention Dicky Laban's amazing rolling track, Dead Frog Inc's snazzy Sniper Turret and Andy Baumgart's sweet Painkiller.

Caleb and Angus will be getting Jacob's Ma.K Racer and my Zugzwang, that we built three weeks ago on the livestream, along with some printed bricks and stuff like that.

I'm really happy with the entries and I consider our first contest a success! It will not be our last. Thanks to everyone for entering!

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