Wednesday, November 5

Terrors of the seas!

Avast ye bots big and small!
We be the jigbot pirates, proud and tall.
Our heads be flappy and our pay is crappy.
But the job is fun! with lots of Rum!
So we be pillaging yee all.
So two nights ago Evan, Simon and I took some time out of our silly lives and decided to have a bit of a flash mob, a bit of a race where we all unify and build something of the same genre, in this case we built our own takes on Brickthings 'Pirate Jigbot'(s). All of them feature some great character and NPU. Here's the result:

From left to right:
Brickthings' original Boris the pirate Jigbot
Lego Junkies' Momo the pirate jigbot (winning at >2 hours!)
Legonardos' Admiral Horrace snob-bot (the slowcoach of the group clocking in 5 hours)
Si-Mocs' Arnold the pirate jigbot (an impressive 2 hours)

Who's your favorite Jigbot? comment below!

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