Saturday, November 1

The art of Vignetting.

Vignettes are very under-done in the community these days, and I get very excited to see one that's done well.

This small offering from Pif500, is simple in theory, but it really flows together effortlessly.
None of the techniques used are particularly revolutionary (except for the tree/net thing, which is flawless), but that hardly matters when the end result is as nice as this.

Execution is key!

You see vignettes that are fall into the "Ehh, it's okay." category, and then you have the ones that fall into the "That's amazing!" category.
Many people when building vignettes tend to overcrowd things, and try to cram as many details in as possible. When really, it would have a better final product if it didn't look like your grandma's attic, stuffed to the brim with things that don't really have much of a function.

The Age of Men

Pif's vignette is simple, but everything in it has a purpose and a function to the final product.

It has details, but not so many that it's an eyesore.

Take notes peeps!

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