Tuesday, November 25

Tutorial Tuesdays - Brickmath

Brickmath, unlike what a google search will tell you (addition with studs!), is knowing the dimensions of bricks and how they fit together. Once you have a decent understanding of this your understanding of the brick that we all love and adore becomes much more (I want to say mathematical, but need a word that isn't already in the name... technical?). Snot actually becomes really easy, at a basic level at least. Here is a diagram of a 1x1 brick and its approximate brickmath values, measured of course in half-plates* 

That right there is the most important thing you need to know about brickmath and Snot. Basic I know. Once you know that as well as the back of your hand, or even better preferably, you can easily work out many different solutions to achieve a certain design or shape. Obviously this isn't everything to know, but that there is the foundation. I wouldn't move on till you know that. A few more incredibly useful parts to know are the cheese slope, the headlight brick, brackets and panels.
*please note that the stud on the side is not the usual half plate, its a bit more, as can be seen by trying to fit a headlight brick in a1x1 gap. It's a weird stud of which the dimensions aren't yet known to world. At least my section of the world. 

Theres more interesting bricks that you could study and add to your library of Lego knowledge, but I think that that covers most bases, and you should be able to create which ever shape you want down to the half plate offsets, and do cool things like this!

Join us next week for an introduction to snot, some methods and applications, and putting your brickmath to good use! study up boys and girls, and keep building!

*Half-plates - half of the height of a plate. if that wasn't obvious then I don't know what is...

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