Tuesday, November 11

Tutorial Tuesdays; Learn From the Masters

 In celebration of Nnovvember and for my continued building education I browsed through Nnenn's stream again. I was specifically looking to figure out what principles made Nnenn such a great builder, and I think I learned a lot.

Plan & do not compromise. Silhouette is incredibly important, and one of the easiest ways to achieve a striking silhouette is by sketching.

Keep it simple. Complication is often the easy way out of a problem, it's almost always better to simplify. Experiment constantly. Just build whatever you think of, even if it's a little crazy. Often the most legendary builds are revolutionary.

Be prolific. The more you build, the faster you improve. It's also incredibly helpful for establishing a following.

Don't shirk presentation. You can build the greatest MOC of all time but you can still cripple with poor presentation. The first objective is to show your build clearly, and once you've done that you can think about storytelling. A ship against a white background just doesn't have as much emotional appeal as a ship in a sweet space environment.

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