Monday, December 8

Non-Lego presentation for your Lego

Earlier on this year while I was at the Auckland Brick Show 2014, I saw the works of weta workshop lead model maker David Tremont, and He has a most brilliant thing where he paints his mocs, and to an incredible standard (as you'd expect from a professional model maker I guess), in some cases to the point you need to second guess if its even Lego. Initially, A foolish arrogant me wrote off painting mocs as the easy way out of getting detail, until I saw his stuff. Unfortunately Davids' Flickr stream only has his starwars droids (which, Don't get me wrong, are awesome, but his other models feature a lot more painting and model making genius).
Since then I've come to appreciate people going out of their way to present a moc to give it an authentic professional look much more, as it really can enhance the creation in quite a unique way, and certainly has a cut over the 'regular' lego photography.
Kyle Hardisty has just that going on, and it's awesome. 

The mocs themselves are nice, but without a doubt it's the superb presentation of the composition that lured me away from my flickr feed to admire them, It looks so beautiful and authentic. Im not saying that everyone should pack up their photography boxes, but sometimes going a little bit further with your presentaion can really make a big difference.

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