Wednesday, July 15

All Bricks are Good Bricks.

We in the Lego community tend to meaninglessly separate ourselves from eachother, mostly into System, Bionicle and Technic builders. However, It's all Lego, and while TLG themselves might only be using that pallet of bricks for one particular thing, nothing is stopping you from combining them. I was over the moon with myself  for managing to use just 3 Bionicle elements in a build recently, because the effect is so great.

This morning while checking flickr I stumbled across this funny looking guy by Djordje, and was instantly drawn in by the seamless combination of System and Bio that the builder has used to create what is a fantastic figure with flawless form. Then while I was at it I thought I'd take a look at the rest of his stuff, and was pleasantly surprised to see he's a master at this.
Djordje clearly knows how to build like a boss. check out his other fantastic builds on his photostream here!

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