Thursday, October 30

Letʻs Talk About System Hybrids.

Thereʻs some very strange arguments within the community about purism (not cutting bricks, painting, or modifying them in any way), and then thereʻs the Bionicle community.

I've heard rumors that Bionicle MOCs that don't have 75% or more of Bionicle parts aren't considered "actual" Bionicles by certain portions of the community. While I can respect that standpoint for it's loyalty to the Bionicle system of building, Bio-system hybrids are so much more interesting to look at than a purely Bionicle MOC.

Introducing Brickthing.

The man behind the series of Bio-System MOCs that make me wish I had the patience/skill to build with the two types of parts.

The first example below would make Purists, Bionicle or not, shudder with a sort of disgusted delight.

Onuta features a mask hand-painted by Modalt Masks, a ton of Teal, and a cape/skirt thingy that a vampire would be jealous of.
Looking at this MOC, my brain immediately goes to the conclusion that it's a Bionicle MOC, since it makes use of Bionicle parts for the frame, and as a face, and that's the first part that pops out.

Onuta - Master of Claw

On second look, this MOC has very few Bionicle parts, so I guess it can be fairly placed in the Bio-System category.

The second model in the series is Kulgai, a creature that appears to be made partially of living plant life.

This MOC I can confidently say is a Bionicle creation, as it seems to have few actual System parts. I do know that the line between Bionicle and Hero Factory parts is also hotly debated, so I'm sure I'll get a tongue lashing by someone more versed in the lore and standards of Bionicle than myself.

Kulgai - Master of Vine

The series goes on beyond these two builds, but I'm going to stick to these, since they're the first to be posted online.

Go check out the other two MOCs on Brickthing's photostream!
What are your thoughts on the whole Bio-System debate?
Can a MOC made out of primarily System parts be called a Bionicle? 

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